Shegale received her ABA Paralegal Certification from Clayton State University in 2015 and her bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from Clayton State University in 2017. She is an Associate Member of the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABWA) and serves on the Board of Directors for Citizens for Progressive Transit (CFPT). Shegale has been a resident of Clayton County for 23 years. She currently serves as a Paralegal in the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office.


It’s Time For A Fresh Start

It’s time for new leadership. We don’t need more politicians jumping from office to office trying to build a political career. Shegale is solely committed to being our County Commissioner and improving our county.

It’s Time To End Financial Waste

Taxpayers are funding our county government and local schools and we’re not getting the results we deserve. As our next Commissioner, Shegale will support a comprehensive audit to root out any waste or corruption. As a paralegal, she will rely on her experience of reviewing contracts and budgets to get better results from our Commission.

A Real Plan To Create Jobs

Shegale supports creating new Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) within our county to create new jobs and growth. CIDs are a voluntary association of businesses that come together to improve assigned areas.