Shegale's Plan

Dear Clayton County District 1 & Stakeholders -

I am honored to present my proposed plan of action for District 1. I submit this plan for consideration for the voters and stakeholders of the District and the County at large. My dream and vision for District 1 is one that is big, but can be achieved with focus, commitment, and partnership with all concerned individuals. This will ensure that our aspirations and what we know is the true potential of our County can be realized. The goal is to create growth in both our tax base and our community.

The scope of matters that deserve my attention are many, but I have prioritized 5 areas that I believe are all critical and must be addressed with a plan of execution and forethought.

Once elected, I immediately plan to do the following:

1. Evaluate existing/pending development projects
2. Establish, define, and clearly seek accountability with department heads for follow up and completion of matters that need to be addressed.
3. Implement a new proposed approach to attract growth through targeted D1 statistics versus countywide statistics.
4. Work with the local delegation to propose raising the homestead exemption to lower taxes for homeowners. Also work to provide a tax cut to seniors who are predominantly working with a fixed income.

With Vision In Mind & Heart,

Shegale Crute Thurmond

The Plan

As it stands, Transportation and Housing Economic Development is hindered by the over development of low value housing. I will work to update the current codes to address blight and dilapidation county wide.

Housing – I will work to:

  • Improve diversity and design guidelines to develop larger lot new development
  • Develop high density quality development that will attract young professionals
  • Bring Senior housing to attract and support our aging 55+ population.
  • Attain higher end amenities, restaurants, and shopping and recreation for citizens of all ages.
  • Implement measures so that new development is contractually obligated to invest in District 1 by donating/building amenities that are needed.

50% of housing inventory in Clayton is 30-50 years old Neighborhoods 

  •  In order to improve, the County must address the growing number of vacant and aging housing. We must identify areas/lots that are owned by developers and move aggressively to have them cleaned and ensure proper upkeep. This can be done through establishing ordinances which address this or working through internal departments to enforce codes that are on the books.
  • Dilapidated businesses/spaces -obtain existing grants for redevelopment, overlay zoning to develop new standards, evaluate areas to target for CID’s and identify matching grant funds, tighten, and enforce codes for business owners that allow buildings to fall into disrepair
  • Improved amenities

For Clayton County to succeed in its efforts to elevate, it must be clean, orderly, and pleasant to the eye. Upon entering the County, all should be welcomed by a beautifully landscaped aesthetic that is both functional and inviting.

  • Address the cleanliness and appearance in all areas, the County needs to look nicer. Develop an extensive implementation plan to increase the aesthetic appeal by creating manicured scenery and landscapes.
  • Aggressively work to establish designation for beautification and landscaping to begin Work with the Solid Waste Authority and the Georgia Department of Transportation thorough the Freeway Landscape and Beautification Plan to develop interstate beautification and upkeep. Upgrade interstate entrances and bridge overpasses to aesthetically align with the community standards. Roadside beautification and landscaping along key corridors 675, 42, Mount Zion, Anvil Block and Forest Parkway.
  • Business Standards. Establish codified standards to bring business exteriors, signage and property into alignment and unification. Evaluate the feasibility of contracting with outside vendor to get road, curbsides, medians up to par (landscaping, replacement, and initial design for upgraded work). Work to develop and complete Vegetation Management Plan, Interstate Corridor Enhancement Plan, Entryway Beautification plan and Landscape and Corridor Plan.

Change perception of labor force

  1. Mentorship
  2. Internship
  3. Pipeline programs
  4. Journeyman opportunities
  5. Improve small businesses
  6. Initiate programs to complete high school and college
  7. Provide support for extended family services to assist with degree completion

Citizens must feel safe. Fortunately, Clayton County crime rates are on the decline, but we must remain diligent in
making families feel safe. Open dialogue and partnership must continue to keep our community secure.

Citizens have expressed concerns about the following:
Street racing
Excessive speeding in residential areas

The following measures are proposed to assist with these issues.

  • Traffic Calming
  • Reconfiguring the layout of residential streets
  • Diverting Traffic
  • Safety First Programs